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This podcast course discusses basic pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis, theories of etiology, and basic epidemiology. This will help mental health providers address unhelpful or inaccurate thought patterns and help you understand common emotional patterns seen in individually newly diagnosed with MS.
You will hear from three experts:

Ashley Pike – PhD Student Living with and Studying MS at University of Arkansas
Aaron Boster, MD – Neurologist and Founder of The Boster Center for Multiple Sclerosis 
Kevin Alschuler, PhD – Psychologist and Researcher at University of Washington 


Multiple Sclerosis Center at UW Medical Center
University of Washington’s Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation &Wellness Research Center
Can Do MS
National MS Society
Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life by Steven C. Hayes
My MS Toolkit

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In this episode we introduce Meghan Beier, PhD, the Host of Find Empathy. In this casual interview, you will learn how she became interested in psychology, her training, and ultimately what brought her to founding Find Empathy and this Podcast. There is no continuing education for this first episode, but you will be able to obtain CE for future episodes.  Visit for more information. 
Dr. Beier’s Bio:
Dr. Meghan Beier is a psychologist and researcher at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who specializes in multiple sclerosis (MS). Dr. Beier completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology, Health Emphasis, from Yeshiva University. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Washington where she focused on rehabilitation, cognition, and mental health in individuals living with multiple sclerosis.
She has been featured as a consultant and speaker for organizations such as National MS Society, Can Do Multiple Sclerosis, and more. Dr. Beier’s research interests include neuropsychological outcomes for individuals living with chronic illness; empathy; cognitive rehabilitation; and mindfulness approaches to physical wellness.
Dr. Beier founded and currently leads Find Empathy, an organization that creates continuing education for mental health providers. She’s passionate about providing continuing education for mental health providers to improve their ability to care holistically for people living with chronic illness and challenging medical conditions while maintaining high standards for professional practice.

Welcome to the find empathy podcast, a podcast for therapists who specialize in health. My name is Dr. Megan Beier, and I’m a clinical psychologist with training and health psychology, rehabilitation psychology, and neuropsychology.
The goal of Find Empathy is to help people living with challenging medical conditions find the mental health providers who can understand their diagnosis, our continuing education, which includes this podcast, is focused on increasing the number of mental health providers who can help.
Our first series is focused on multiple sclerosis. In every episode, you will hear the voices of people and families living with MS.
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