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"I don't want to spend the first several sessions teaching a therapist about my medical condition."

Living with Chronic Illness Can be challenging

I heard an interview with a psychologist that specializes in multiple sclerosis.  It was great.  She really understood the things I go through.  I tried to find someone like her near me. I couldn’t.

Mental Health Providers Want to Help

I went to graduate school knowing I wanted to help people living with chronic health conditions. However, I am not reaching the patients I’m trained to help.  Many people don’t know about health psychology. They don’t know where to find psychologists like me.”

Our Dream. Our Mission.

Why did We start Find Empathy?

When the primary cause of emotional symptoms is a medical condition, you want the mental health specialist to understand your condition. However, these professionals can be difficult to find. Even your medical team may not know how to find a therapist who understands your health concerns.

for Patients

It’s hard to find a therapist who understands your diagnosis and can provide tailored resources.

It can be really hard to find the right therapist, especially if you have a rare or complicated diagnosis. You might spend hours online trying to find someone who understands what you’re going through.

Find Empathy is the solution. We are a mental health provider that specializes in working with people who have cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and other diagnoses. We know what your medications are, we know what your diagnosis means, and we want to help you feel better.

For Providers

Mental health providers are not always taught how to deal with chronic illness, but it can be a huge part of their practice, or the way to find a unique niche.

But when life is busy it can be challenging to find the time to seek out new learning, or even keep up with continuing education requirements. 

Find Empathy provides continuing education that helps therapists better understand the challenges faced by their clients living with challenging medical diagnoses. We offer CEs, in the form of podcast episodes, which can be listened to on the go. Once you finish listening simply click on the course link in the show notes, or visit our website, to obtain your CE certificate.

Empathy Education Committee

The Faces Behind our Education

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Meghan Beier, PhD

Education Committee Chair

Damon Wyatt, MA

Program Administrator

Camille Sinclair, PhD

Education Committee Member

Aviva Gaskill, PhD

Education Committee Member

Heather Glubo, PhD

Education Committee Member

Jessica Solomon, MSW, LCSW

Education Committee Member

Melissa Shuman Paretsky, PhD

Education Committee Member

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