"I don't want to spend the first several sessions teaching a therapist about my medical condition."

Colleen Adkins. Age 42. Lives with Multiple Sclerosis.

I heard an interview with a psychologist that specializes in multiple sclerosis.  It was great.  She really understood the things I go through.  I tried to find someone like her near me. I couldn’t.

Dr. Stephanie Watson, Health Psychologist

I went to graduate school knowing I wanted to help people living with chronic health conditions. However, I am not reaching the patients I’m trained to help.  Many people don’t know about health psychology. They don’t know where to find psychologists like me.”

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Shauna Pickett, Occupational Therapist

I am constantly trying to find mental health support for my patients. I want to send them to someone who understands orthopedic injuries, brain injury, and rehabilitation.  Any resource to help my patients find the care they need is welcome.

Why Did We Start Find Empathy?

When the primary cause of emotional symptoms is a medical condition, you want the mental health specialist to understand your condition. However, these professionals can be difficult to find. Even your medical team may not know how to find a therapist who understands your health concerns.


Find Empathy was started by a husband and wife team who saw this gap. 

Meghan Beier, PhD, Find Empathy Founder & CEO, is a clinical psychologist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  She specializes in the emotional and cognitive symptoms common to multiple sclerosis (MS).

Through her work in the clinic and through community organizations, she realized how difficult it is for people with chronic medical conditions to find speciality mental health providers. She wants this to change. 

Dr. Beier wants to make it easy for you to find the mental health support that will help you most. 

Damon Wyatt, MA, COO & Co-Founder, spent 10 years as a school counselor before switching careers and running a cycling e-commerce business.   

As a counselor, he also saw the need for specialized mental health services for children and families coping with serious and chronic medical conditions.  

Find Empathy connects you with a provider who understands YOUR medical diagnosis.