Collaborate with Us

Are you interested in helping to create impactful continuing education for psychologists, social workers, and therapists focused on topics of chronic illness, disability, or specific medical conditions? 


Find Empathy works with professionals and organizations in a few different ways…

Help Us Develop a Series

Are you an expert in chronic illness, disability, or a specific medical condition? Are you interested in sharing the latest research and clinical techniques with mental health providers across the country? 

Partner with us to create education!

We work with individuals that want to:

  • Develop a topic or curriculum outline, 
  • Identify expert speakers and guests,
  • Host their own podcast mini-series.

be a guest on the Find Empathy Podcast

Guests are usually invited based on clinical or research expertise in a particular topic area.

However, if you are an expert in a particular topic that would help improve the lives of people with a disability, chronic illness, or challenging medical condition, click the button below to let us know your specialty.

Partner with Empathy to Provide CEs for Your Education

Do you already have education, but would like mental health providers to receive continuing education credit for taking it? 

We will review your education to determine if it meets required standards and guidelines.

If it does, we can co-sponsor your educational materials. 

Let's Collaborate