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Empowering Mental Health Providers to Better Serve People Living with Challenging Medical Conditions

About the Show

Welcome to the Find Empathy Podcast, where we discuss the interaction between health and emotions. 

The mission of Find Empathy is to help people living with challenging medical conditions find mental health providers who understand their diagnosis. 

The podcast and educational courses, are focused on increasing the number of providers who can help.

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Meet the Host

Meghan Beier, PhD

Meghan Beier, PhD is the founder of Find Empathy, an online directory and educational platform that helps connect people with challenging medical conditions to therapists who understand their diagnosis. 

Dr. Beier is also a part-time Assistant Professor and Psychologist in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins.

She is a nationally recognized expert on the mood and cognition symptoms common to multiple sclerosis.

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