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Find Empathy’s mission is to create the most comprehensive list of health-focused mental health providers. 

Chronic medical conditions, serious injuries, and sudden illness are associated with higher levels of emotional distress. People need therapists who understand the interaction between medical and mental health symptoms.

Empathy wants to help individuals with chronic health conditions find someone who knows, understands, and has experience working with their medical diagnosis. 

Listing with us is FREE. But not everyone can join.

Our vetting process ensures all providers are health experts.

When listing a health specialty on our site, patients will expect that you:

  1. Know the commonly used medications and/or medical interventions used to treat their condition,
  2. See at least 2-10 patients with this medical diagnosis in a given month, and/or,
  3. Feel confident enough in your knowledge of the condition, and its management, to be able to discuss a patient’s issues with her or his medical provider.

With these attributes in mind, our recommendation is approximately 5 specialties per listing. If you have questions about these guidelines, great! Contact Us and we will help

How to Get Listed on Find Empathy

1. Create and Submit Your Listing

Our easy to follow template will get you up and running in minutes!

Introduce yourself to clients with:

  1. A Beautiful Landing Page
  2. A Personal Video
  3. A Gallery of Images
  4. Your Health Specialties
  5. and More…

2. Complete the Vetting Process

Find Health Therapists Near You

Our goal is to create the most comprehensive list of health-focused psychology, therapy, and counselor experts. And we want to ensure you are seeing the patients with whom you love to work. 

First we will review each new listing, and any listed websites for: education history, license information, and expertise in particular medical diagnoses.

In many cases, we also contact you to set up a 15-30 minute phone or video conference call to learn more about you and your practice.

Then, your listing goes live.  

3. Connect to the Patients Who Need You Most

Your listing will appear on the Find Empathy site and on all major search engines such as Google and Bing.  

We will drive traffic to your listing through targeted marketing campaigns. Campaigns that will target the patients you are specialized to treat.

Even more, we provide statistics so you can see the traffic your listing is receiving. 

Questions?  Contact us.