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Find Empathy's mission is to create the most comprehensive list of health-focused mental health providers. 

Chronic medical conditions, serious injuries, and sudden illness are associated with higher levels of emotional distress. People need therapists who understand the interaction between medical and mental health symptoms.

Find Empathy wants to help individuals with chronic health conditions find someone who knows, understands, and has experience working with their medical diagnosis. 

Our vetting process ensures all providers are health experts. 
When listing a health specialty on our site, patients will expect that you:

Know the commonly used medications and/or medical interventions used to treat their condition

See at least 2-10 patients with this medical diagnosis in a given month

Feel confident enough in your knowledge of the condition, and its management, to be able to discuss a patient’s issues with her or his medical provider

With these attributes in mind, our recommendation is approximately 5 specialties per listing.
If you have questions about these guidelines, great! Contact Us and we will help

“So you're like the Match.com of Health psychology”

FAQs & answers


Nothing! Listing your practice or clinic with Find Empathy is free.  

However, we ask that you carefully consider your experience and expertise. Please only submit a listing if you are truly experienced with medical populations. 

Yes! We would be happy to create your listing. If you already have a website, we can pull the language and information from your website to create a listing.  Email us at info@findempathy.com for more information. 

Learn with us!  Listen to our podcast series to better understand particular medical diagnoses. Once you feel confident in your new knowledge, submit an application to be part of the Find Empathy family.

Our team at Find Empathy is connecting with patient organizations and medical teams around the country.

Find Empathy is already starting to be shared as a resource by several community organizations. If you would like to learn more about our partners, email us at info@findempathy.com!

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