The Empathy Education Committee

Meet Our Team

The Empathy Education Committee is led by Dr. Meghan Beier, founder of FindEmpathy.com.  Committee Members are Clinical Health Psychologists, Rehabilitation Psychologists, and Neuropsychologists with wide ranging medical expertise.

Being Sick is Hard & we can help

The Founders

Meghan Beier, PhD

Founder & Educational Committee Chair

Dr. Beier’s areas of expertise include multiple sclerosis, stiff person syndrome, vocational accommodations for people with chronic illness or disability, neuropsychology, and cognitive rehabilitation.

Damon Wyatt, MA

Co-Founder & Program Administrator

Mr. Wyatt has a master’s in counseling and runs operations for Empathie, LLC. He has over 10 years of direct experience in pediatric and school counseling, and over 5 years of e-commerce operations.

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The Empathy Education Committee

Camille Sinclair, PhD

Empathy Education Committee Member

Dr. Sinclair is a Health Psychologist.  Her areas of expertise include trauma in medical populations, health psychology, pediatric cognitive assessments, ADHD, support partners and care providers, dementia, and aging.

Aviva Gaskill, PhD

Empathy Education Committee Member

Dr. Gaskill is a Health Psychologist.  Her areas of expertise include autoimmune disorders, OCD treatment in medical populations, co-morbid medical and psychological disorders, chronic pain, cancer, neurologic conditions, and cardiovascular issues. 

Heather Glubo, PhD

Empathy Education Committee Member

Dr. Glubo is a Health and Rehabilitation Psychologist. She has expertise in pediatric health conditions, adapting exposure treatments for medical populations, fertility, and post partum issues for men and women.

Jessica Solomon, MSW, LCSW

Empathy Education Committee Member

Jessica Solomon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her areas of expertise include sickle cell disease, hemophilia, and other chronic conditions. She has experience with pediatrics, adults, and families. 

Melissa Shuman Paretsky, PhD

Empathy Education Committee Member

Dr. Paretsky is a Health Psychologist and on the editorial board of the Journal of Neurology.  She has expertise in traumatic brain injury, neuropsychology, older adults, medical co-morbidities, sleep-wake disorders, and chronic fatigue in medical populations.

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