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Find Empathy Education was created by Dr. Meghan Beier as an easy and accessible way for professionals interested in health psychology to continue their education and become medically-informed mental health providers.

These podcasts were designed so that even busy practitioners can listen, learn, and earn quality continuing education during their commute, a workout, or doing chores around the house.

Once you finish listening, simply click on the course link in the show notes or visit our website to obtain your CE certificate.

Featured Course

Black female physician sharing medical information with a seated older woman with white hair.

Stem Cell Transplant and CAR T-cell Therapy: The Patient and Care Partner Experience

7 Modules — 7 CE
This course provides an overview of HCT and CAR T-cell therapy for advanced hematologic malignancies and genetic/immune system disorders. Mental health professionals learn about the treatments' unique medical and psychosocial implications.

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