Receiving a chronic health diagnosis can be a devastating experience. It can impact everything from long-term plans to everyday life. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that many chronically ill patients also suffer from mental health issues. Luckily, mental health professionals can help bridge the gap between physical and mental illness and empower patients to thrive.

Many people have benefited from e-therapy and only more are going to as it grows in popularity. While that may be the case, it’s important to weigh your options between online and in-person mental health options. To help you decide, we’ve compiled the most important pros and cons of telehealth psychology.

Continuing education is an important part of being a mental health professional. Thanks to the internet, you now have a lot of options for how you earn it. But all these options can also lead to more questions. In this blog, we answer some of your basic questions about mental health continuing education as well as questions about getting started with Find Empathy.

Professional careers often require continuing education and social work is no different. Whether it’s reading a book or completing an online course, continuing education is pivotal to stay on top of the latest changes and breakthroughs in your field. To get started, Find Empathy is here to help you with your social work continuing education online qualifications.