How to Find Approved CE Providers for Mental Health Continuing Ed

You have a lot of options for approved CE providers for mental health continuing education. However, finding the right one for you isn’t always easy. In this blog, we look at steps you can take to find the best option for your schedule, lifestyle, and budget.

The first step to finding an approved CE provider for mental health continuing education is looking at your state’s requirements. Next, determine if they offer courses in your area of specialization. You then need to decide if in-person or online options work best for you. Finally, you make a decision based on your needs and the needs of your patients.

Find Approved CE Providers for Mental Health Continuing Ed

1. Review Your State’s Requirements

A big question mental health professionals will need to answer is if an approved continuing education provider (ACEP) is accepted in their state. For example, you may be able to pay the fee for a continuing education (CE) course, follow their rules, and it be accepted in the state of Texas. But staying current on CE credit won’t necessarily work the same way in California.

A helpful tip here is to look for continuing education courses that help you meet your state board’s requirements. They should also be approved by important mental health licensing agencies such as the:

Find Empathy is proud to be an accepted provider of CE courses for the APA, ASWB, and NBCC. We are also an approved provider in the majority of the United States.

Click here to learn if Find Empathy is an approved provider in your state!

2. Look at Specializations

Another way to narrow your options is by specialization. On one hand, having a lot of options for continuing education credit helps to keep costs down. This means that anyone from social workers to marriage and family therapists can have access to quality professional development. 

On the other hand, not all CE courses may help you provide better mental health treatment in niches such as substance abuse issues or post-traumatic stress disorder. At Find Empathy, we specialize in helping mental health providers best care for patients with serious medical conditions. 

These conditions can do more than affect a patient’s physical health. They can also result in emotional symptoms that require special training to treat. Patients don’t want to have to teach their therapist about their health diagnoses. Our course materials are designed to give you the knowledge you need to best treat patients with chronic diseases.

To read our blog on continuing education for mental health professionals working with chronic health patients, click here!

3. Find Resources that Fit Your Schedule

You can get credit hours from a number of psychological and educational groups in a variety of ways. These include:

  • In-person seminars and workshops
  • University courses
  • Community service
  • Professional research
  • Peer consultation

All of these are great options if you have the time. However, not everyone can take full advantage of them. In-person seminars and workshops can require taking time off, traveling, and finding a place to stay. University courses can be expensive, and other options can be time-consuming. You need an option that fits your schedule, needs, and lifestyle.

That’s why Find Empathy offers online CE options that you can complete on your own schedule. It all starts with our podcast. Here we discuss the connection between emotions and health to help increase the number of mental health professionals that ​​work with chronic medical conditions or health populations.

After listening to the podcast, you can then complete the course requirements for continuing education. All you have to do is create an account with us, complete a post-test assessment, and fill out a course evaluation. This ensures that you receive full credit to meet your continuing education requirements.

4. Make Your Choice

You have tons of choices when it comes to continuing education for mental health professionals. However, Find Empathy is the clear choice for those interested in providing mental health treatment for people with chronic health issues. We’re your partner in supporting your education so you can provide the highest level of care possible for your patients. 

We help support you and your patients by offering courses on:

We know how busy life can get at Find Empathy. That’s why we offer online continuing education courses that you can take on your own schedule. Our courses are as engaging as they are easy to digest. It’s our goal to provide you with the tools that you need to support your patients and help them on their journey to better mental health.

Click here to start your mental health continuing education with the Find Empathy podcast!

When choosing an approved CE provider for mental health continuing education, you should first look at your state’s requirements. You should then determine if a provider offers courses in your area of specialization. Next, decide what type of courses work best for you—online or in-person. Based on this, choose a provider that serves you and your patients best.

Find Empathy’s purpose is to empower mental health professionals to better serve patients living with challenging chronic illnesses and medical diagnoses. Through our easy and accessible continuing education courses and credits, mental health providers are able to become medically informed on health psychology topics to help improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

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