Social Work Continuing Education Online Qualifications

Professional careers often require continuing education and social work is no different. Whether it’s reading a book or completing an online course, continuing education is pivotal to stay on top of the latest changes and breakthroughs in your field. To get started, Find Empathy is here to help you with your social work continuing education online qualifications.

Continuing education for social workers provides opportunities beyond your degree and is necessary to maintain your license. It can be done through workshops, webinars, conferences, independent study, and online. Find Empathy provides continuing education with podcasts and online courses to satisfy these requirements.

What Is Social Work Continuing Education?

For social workers, continuing education encompasses formal education opportunities that you can pursue once you have obtained a degree. Social work continuing education allows you to grow your professional development with:

  • Training
  • Knowledge
  • Experience

On top of these benefits, completing your continuing education courses is necessary to continue being a licensed social worker. This is accomplished by completing credits or units known as CE credits. In most cases, one hour of training is equivalent to one CE credit. This way, multiple hours of continuing education total up to an equal amount of CE credits.

You can gain the CE credits required for license renewal in a number of ways, including:

  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Conferences

Independent study can also meet the continuing education requirements for social workers. Depending on your state board’s requirements, this could include reading a journal article or book and passing a short exam. Like other mental health professionals, this usually requires that you complete continuing education credits from an approved provider such as Find Empathy. 

To view your state’s CE requirements for social workers, click here!

CE providers submit their materials to a licensing board that approve continuing education materials or reject them. Approval means that the materials are high quality, meet current professional social work standards, and satisfy the necessary licensing criteria. These materials can be accessed through professional associations, accredited schools, or private companies.

Complete Your Social Work Continuing Education Online

At Find Empathy, we help clients renew their social work licenses by meeting their required number of hours in continuing education. We are certified by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) to offer social work continuing education units under their Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. Best of all, you can do it completely online.

We understand that staying up to date on your continuing education in professional social work is easier said than done. Work and life can be busy and finding time to read journal articles, attend a conference, or even watch a webinar can be difficult. That’s why we have designed our continuing education courses to fit around your schedule so that you can go at your own pace.

Getting Started With Find Empathy

Getting started with Find Empathy is easy. The first step is listening to our podcast. Each episode is designed with the busy mental health practitioner in mind and can be listened to while driving, working out, or doing chores around the house.

You can listen and subscribe to our podcast on:

Each episode is hosted by our founder, Meghan Beier, PhD. She has a passion for helping those suffering from challenging medical conditions connect with mental health professionals who understand their diagnosis. 

Dr. Beier is recognized nationwide as an expert on the cognition and mood symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis. She is also a part-time assistant professor and psychologist at the Johns Hopkins Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Once you’ve finished with each episode, all you have to do is click the course link in the show notes or visit our website. There, you will obtain your CE certificate.

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Go Deeper

Opportunities for social work continuing education online don’t end with our podcast. At Find Empathy, we also offer a wide variety of online courses to help you meet your continuing education requirements. With a focus on mental health and medical conditions, we cover a wide range of topics such as multiple sclerosis to better serve your patients.

Popular MS course subjects include: 

To view our library of continuing education courses for social workers, click here!

Join Our Directory

We’re passionate about more than online continuing education for social workers. We’re also dedicated to connecting health-focused social workers and other mental health professionals with patients who need their expertise. To accomplish this dream, we’ve been working to create the most comprehensive list of health-focused mental health providers available.

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Health-related mental health patients have specific needs that are best addressed by the specialists in our directory. The mental health professionals on our site understand that patients are likely to experience increased emotional distress when suffering from:

  • Chronic medical conditions
  • Severe injuries
  • Sudden illnesses

Patients suffering from these issues have certain expectations of their mental health providers. Namely, knowing the commonly used medications or medical interventions for their condition, or a combination of both.

Mental healthcare workers are also expected to see at least two to 10 patients with the same condition per month. Lastly, patients want health experts to be able to discuss their issues with their medical providers.

Are you ready to get started on your social work continuing education online? Listen to our podcast and begin learning today!

You can go beyond your degree and maintain your social work license with continuing education. This can be achieved through workshops, webinars, conferences, independent study, and online. With Find Empathy, you can complete your social work continuing education by listening to our podcasts and completing our online courses.

Find Empathy’s purpose is to empower mental health professionals to better serve patients living with challenging chronic illnesses and medical diagnoses. Through our easy and accessible continuing education courses and credits, mental health providers are able to become medically informed on health psychology topics to help improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

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Meghan Beier, PhD

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