5 Benefits of Mental Health Continuing Education Online

Many professions require continuing education (CE) to ensure that people know about the latest developments in their field. Mental health is no different, and you have options on how to meet your state’s individual standards for staying up to date. In this blog, we look at the benefits of mental health continuing education online and why it’s the right choice for you.

Mental health continuing education online allows you to:

  1. Satisfy your continuing education requirements
  2. Stay up to date on the latest information
  3. Test your knowledge with assessments
  4. Keep current affordably
  5. Learn at your own pace

The Benefits of Mental Health Continuing Education Online

Continuing education for mental health online comes with more benefits than can be covered in a single blog. It will of course allow you to satisfy whatever requirements your license may have, but it can also allow for so much more. From testing your knowledge to learning at your own pace, the sky is the limit when it comes to continuing your mental health education online.

1. Satisfy Your Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing education for mental health professionals can vary from state to state. Criteria are based on each state’s standards and what they consider acceptable for mental health professionals. This includes CE credit and license renewal. Whether you are a social worker or a marriage and family therapist, it’s crucial to avoid programs that do not qualify for your area.

At Find Empathy, we offer approved continuing education from the:


Online CE courses approved by these organizations are accepted by the majority of states. However, you should still check with your state’s board to make sure they are approved continuing education courses in your area.

As an APA-approved sponsor, we offer continuing education for psychologists. Likewise, the NBCC has approved our continuing education courses for mental health counselors. As an approved continuing education provider (ACEP), social workers can benefit from our ASWB-approved courses. Find Empathy is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs. Any programs that do not qualify for credit are clearly identified.

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2. Stay Up to Date with the Latest Information

As a mental health professional, you need to stay on top of the latest changes and developments in your field. Having access to high-quality mental health continuing education online allows you to do just that. At Find Empathy, we offer a wide variety of courses to help you become a medically-informed mental health professional. Some we even offer for free.

Being up-to-date on the latest advancements in your field also makes you more valuable as a mental health professional and can help you grow a thriving practice. Whether you work in a group practice or on your own, your knowledge is a valuable resource for you and your patients. With our continuing education materials, you will be indispensable for both your patients and your practice.

For a full list of our course offerings, click here!

3. Test Your Knowledge with Assessments

Continuing edmental health continuing education onlineucation serves to help keep you at the forefront of the mental health world. Unfortunately, face-to-face continuing education course credits are often based on attendance. This can make it difficult to tell how much of the information you grasped or retained. When pursuing continuing education, you want a program that allows you to test your knowledge. As a by-product, quizzes can also help you retain your new knowledge! 

By choosing mental health continuing education online, you can easily gauge your understanding of the material. The courses we offer at Find Empathy include assessments to help determine how much information you have retained. This ensures that you are able to meet your own goals as well as your state’s in order to best serve your patients.

4. Keep Current Affordably

In-person learning options are often more expensive than mental health continuing education online, costing hundreds, even thousands (if you are traveling to a conference), of dollars. This can be a problem if you are prioritizing staying current with your continuing education while juggling a full schedule of work and life. By choosing online continuing education, you can save money while keeping current on your CEs.

With Find Empathy, you can choose from a wide range of CE programs focused on understanding the impact of chronic illness on mental health. This includes topics such as:

  • Inpatient telepsychology
  • Outpatient telepsychology
  • Teleneuropsychology
  • Multiple sclerosis

We also offer a bundle to help you meet the annual three continuing education requirements for your PSYPACT renewal. The PSYPACT bundle, as well as our other courses, helps you to stay current with your continuing education in an affordable, interesting, and convenient way.

5. Learn at Your Own Pace

mental health continuing education onlineAnother drawback of in-person continuing education is pacing. Intensive workshops can be fast-paced and not give you enough time to truly absorb the information. While some may be spread over the course of a weekend, they can still leave you feeling dazed and wishing you had more time to truly understand the material.

With mental health continuing education online, you have the benefit of taking your time through each course module. This gives you time to breathe as you work through them at your own pace. The end result is a much more enjoyable experience with assessments where you can test your knowledge and truly see the difference online continuing education makes.

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Find Empathy can help you satisfy your continuing education requirements. Mental health continuing education online also helps you to stay up to date on the latest information in your field. You can test your knowledge with our assessments and keep current affordably while learning at your own pace.

Find Empathy’s purpose is to empower mental health professionals to better serve patients living with challenging chronic illnesses and medical diagnoses. Through our easy and accessible continuing education courses and credits, mental health providers are able to become medically informed on health psychology topics to help improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

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