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As of July 2022, 34 States have enacted PSYPACT legislation with 31 fully effective participating states. After COVID-19, the participation of states and professionals in PSYPACT grew considerably and continues to expand across the country. 

The ability to use telepsychology to practice across state lines and expand practice has brought many benefits for patients and providers. However, there are distinct and vital competencies, ethics, and standards that must be addressed, implemented, and maintained. This is particularly true for telepsychology practices (including virtual neuropsychological assessments) with neurologic, medical, and disability populations. Although this technology can break down transportation and geographic barriers, some individuals may require additional assistance to properly utilize telepsychology services.

The PSYPACT Course series is a continuing education podcast series that will look at the various advantages and requirements of telepsychology for neurologic, medical, and disability patient groups. 

Our first course focuses on the use of telepsychology in outpatient settings, specifically for individual and group psychotherapy. We will discuss how to properly select patients for outpatient telepsychology services, as well as common issues that may arise during treatment.

The second course in our PSYPACT series looks at the use of telepsychology on inpatient units and in the medical ICU. We will discuss the potential pitfalls associated with the use of technology on inpatient units, infection control, and the pros and cons of technology for incorporating family education.

The third course in our PSYPACT series focuses on virtual neuropsychological assessments. We will discuss how to properly select patients for this type of assessment, as well as common issues that may arise during testing.

Finally, we will also offer a bonus course focused on billing and insurance considerations for telepsychology, as well as the history and research of using telehealth for psychological interventions – launching September 1, 2022. 

The PSYPACT series is a great way for mental health professionals to get their required three CEs in a convenient and interesting format. Find Empathy creates continuing education by and for mental health professionals passionate about working with individuals living with chronic illness, disability, and medical diagnoses.

So if you’re looking for PSYPACT continuing education courses that are convenient and interesting, be sure to check out the PSYPACT series from Find Empathy by clicking below. 

We hope you’ll join us for this important continuing education series!

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Meghan Beier, PhD

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